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Music Artist Kelly Lang Delivers With Her Song And Her New Book I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE

Click On The Image Above To Listen To Our Interview With Kelly Lang

We Have The Pleasure Of Having Music Recording Artist Ms Kelly Lang Back On The Life Box Media Channel Radio Podcast

Kelly Talks Her Music And Her Brand New Book - I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE - Available Now

Kelly Lang's New Book Has An Amazing Forward By Music Legend Dame Olivia Newton John

For More Information To Buy Kelly Lang Music Merchandise And An Autographed Copy Of Kelly Lang's New Book Go To

Our Book Review

Kelly Lang Delivers With This Book We Enjoyed It Through The Good Times The Rough Times And The Celebrations A Great Read

A Huge Thank To Ms Kelly Lang For Taking The Time

Thank You To Scott Sexton Of 2911 Media For Arranging This Awesome Interview

THANK YOU To Our Listeners And Our Fans In All 61 Countries For Enjoying The Life Box Media Channel Radio Podcast THANK YOU

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God Bless

Episode # 317

P S There Is A Reason For The Capitals Starting Each Word And No Periods And No Ending's To This Style Of Writing And It Starts Up High So You Will Not Skim If You Would Like To Know The Reason Please Ask But Yes We Do Know What We Are Doing Thank You For Reading You Are Appreciated

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