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Deborah Voorhees Is Real And She Takes It To Another Level With 13 Fanboy Movie

Click On The Image Above To Listen To Our Great Interview With Deborah Voorhees

We Sit Down With Director And Writer Of The New Horror Movie 13 FANBOY - Deborah Voorhees

This Is A Cross Between Realty And Fandom And It Really Dances On Both Sides Of The Line

We Here At The Life Box Media Channel Radio Podcast Watched This Movie After Our Interview With Deborah Voorhees And We Enjoyed The Separations Of Other Horror Movies Of Today And Some Of The Connections

You Can Watch 13 Fanboy Here On Amazon Prime Here

13 Fanboy Is Also Avaiable On Apple TV Google Movies And YouTube


The 13 Fanboy Movie Has Some Suspense A Little Gore And A Bunch Of Iconic Stars - A Fun Watch And I want To Know If YOU Know The Finish Be Honest - A Defiantly Will Watch Again

A Huge Thank You To Deborah Voorhees For Taking The Time

Please Be Sure To Go Take A Listen To Our Interviews With A Few Of The Stars From 13 Fanboy Legendary Scream Queen Ms Dee Wallace And Friday The 13 th Part VII New Blood Star Lar Park Lincoln

THANK YOU To Our Listeners And Our Fans In All 61 Countries For Enjoying The Life Box Media Channel Radio Podcast THANK YOU

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Episode # 319

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