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Aretha Franklin Amazing Grace 47 Years In The Making Out This Easter

What Does 47 Years One Of The Greatest Voices Ever Recorded A Church And God Bring

The Other Night This Writer Was Invited By The International Black Film Festival In Nashville Tennessee And The Answer Was Delivered

This Event Was Presented By The International Black Film Festival

The National Museum Of African American Music And The Recording Academy Nashville Chapter At The Belcourt Theater

The Queen Of Soul The Late Great Aretha Franklin Recorded Amazing Grace In A California Church With A Choir And Congregation That Just Made Things Special And Spiritual

The Room Becomes Electric When You Feel It Build With An Energy It Is Almost Explainable But Not Really It Is Aretha Franklin In The House Of God And Everyone In The Room And Anyone Watching Can Feel Her Connection With God And So Will You

I Strongly Suggest You Take Your Family And Go See And Feel The Soul Of This Project Come Together Along With Many Hours Of Hard Work After A Few Major Mistakes In 1972 At The Recording Over 2 Days And It Was Worth The Wait

This Movie Amazing Grace Is A Moment You Can Share With Your Family And Friends Knowing You Are Truly Seeing Something Special

This Is Easter Week And Amazing Grace Is Out A Great Time To Take A Few Minutes Or Hours To Enjoy Love Faith And Amazing Grace

In Theaters Near You

Enjoy Our Pictures From The Premiere In Nashville Tennessee On The Red Carpet Above And See Our Live Video Coverage And Interviews On The Life Box Media Channel On You Tube

P S There Is A Reason For The Capitals Starting Each Word And No Periods And No Ending's To This Style Of Writing And It Starts Up High So You Will Not Skim If You Would Like To Know The Reason Please Ask But Yes We Do Know What We Are Doing Thank You For Reading You Are Appreciated

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