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Life Interrupted Web Series With Television Legend's And Icon's

It Was A Night Of Showing How Some Of Television's Best Known Legend's And Icon's Were Brought Together By Veteran Television Director And Writer Steven Wishnoff To Shine

In Today's World It Is Hard To Keep Someone's Attention For More Than A Few Minutes But When You Throw A Talented Cast Including Dawn Wells "Mary Ann" From Gilligan's Island Michael Learned From The Walton's Allison Arngrim From Little House On The Prairie Erin Murphy "Tabatha" From Bewitched, Television Actor's Robbie Rist, Lindsay Heston, Robbie Allen, Luis Lopez And Starring As The Main Figure Is Iconic Television Actor And Commercial Former Child Actor Mason Reese With A Host Of Bar Friends This Keeps Your Attention

This Show Has A Great Cast It Is Well Written Funny And It Carries Into An Everyday World Of Mason, Who Is An Actor Who Peaked At 10 Years Old And Now Owns A Bar In New York's East Village With His Ex Wife Played By Allison Arngrim Who Leaves Him To Marry Erin Murphy With Dawn Wells As His Mother In Law His Bartender Who Hits On All Of The Younger Guys This Is Just To Give You A Small Picture And It Is A Hoot

Steven Wishnoff Shows A Vision With Changes And Idea's You Would Have Never Thought Of As Far As Who Would Play Who And How Each Of Their Character's Are Played

The Creativity And Talent Makes This Show With Dry Fun Humor At Times And Other Times You Just Laugh Hard

The Cast Comes Through And Just Makes You Think Of These Television Icon's In A Different Light In A Good Way And Current And Up To Date In Today's World

It Satisfies Almost Everyone From Any Walk Of Life And This Show Does Not Disappoint Except For This Guy Was Hoping To See The Next Episode And When Director And Creator Steven Wishnoff Told Me Not Yet I Told Him I Am Waiting To See What Network Picks This Show Up To Get My Next Bite Of Life Interrupted

As The Shining Star Of The Sixth Annual San Pedro International Film Festival SPIFFEST At The Warner Theater In Los Angeles California Was A Great Place With A Feel Of Really Going To The Theater And You Could Not Have Asked For A Better Place To Premiere Life Interrupted

This Show Brought Out More Than Fans With A Big House And The Show's Cast It Brought Out Some Other Celebrity's Such As The Actress Known As The Fake Jan From The Brady Bunch Hour Variety Show Geri Reischl And Chris York And His Wife Christy,

Chris York Is The Son Of The Late Great Actor Dick York Who Is Known As The Original Darrin Stephens From The Hit Television Show Bewitched Among Many Other Motion Picture Films To Make The Evening

Take The Time To See This Show It Is Something That You See Real Life But Adds A Bit Of Fun To The Mix And Shows No World Is Perfect And Life Is Interrupted

I Am Going To Post The Episode For You To See And The Social Media Of As Many Of The Show's Stars That I Have To Enjoy Their Projects And Posts

A Special Thank You To The Director And Shows Creator

Steven Wishnoff Actor Mason Reese Ms Dawn Wells

Allison Arngrim And The Rest Of The Cast For Being So Gracious

See Life Interrupted Show Here

The Life Interrupted Official Facebook

Director Steven Wishnoff

Dawn Wells

Allison Arngrim

Erin Murphy

Robbie Rist

Robbie Allen

Michael Learned

Lindsey Heston


The Life Box Media Channel

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