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Elvis Movie - Baz Luhmann Presents The King Of Rock & Roll - Austin Butler Delivers Elvis Presley

We Were At An Early Premiere Screening Of Baz Luhmann's Elvis Movie Tuesday Night In Nashville Tennessee

Being In A Town That Runs Deep With Music And Having A Huge Connection To The King Of Rock And Roll Nashville Expects A More Than A Lot Of Big Expectations When You Have A Movie About Elvis Presley Playing Here ELVIS - Movie A MUST SEE Out June 24, 2022

Well Let Me Explain As Much As Nashville Had Big Expectations This Writer Has Been A Fan Of Elvis Presley As Long As I Remember And When I Watched The Trailer I Was Impressed BUT Watching The Curtain Open So To Speak Or As They Say The Gold Screen Came Up Myself Along With The Crowd Of Movie Critics Felt Chills

As The Movie Started They Laughed Cried Rocked And Were In WOW The Closest Thing To A Five Star Movie I Have Watched In A Very Long Time And One Of The Best Movies I Have Ever Seen Not Just About Elvis But About Anyone Or Anything

The Cast The Production If You Stop Staring Trying To Separate Austin And Elvis The Lines Are So Well Blurred You Lose Yourself In The Entire Movie The Acting The Presentation And Of Course The Music Is INCREDIBLE

Austin Butler And Baz Luhrmann Should Have Academy Awards In Their Hands This Time Next Year

Again I Will Say Baz Luhrmann Presents The King Of Rock And Roll And Austin Butler Delivers Elvis Presley

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